Sc judicial circuits

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Sc judicial circuits

The purpose of the criminal justice system is to protect society from those individuals who would commit acts against innocent citizens. Although sometimes the victim of a crime is society as a whole, in many cases, such as yours, the victim is an individual citizen whose injuries, either physical, emotional or financial, are a key component to the presentation of the case.

Because victims are so important to finding, arresting and punishing criminals in this Circuit, the Victim Services Program is here to assist those victims, who are often unaware of the procedures of court and the laws of South Carolina. The Victim Services Program is here to help you, as a victim of a crime; 1 understand the criminal justice system; 2 get relief from the courts; and 3 provide a communication system between the victim and the criminal justice system.

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of a crime, the Victim Services Program is here to help ease the transition from being a powerless victim of crime to being an empowered advocate for law and order in our society. Becoming a victim of a crime and going through the court system can be difficult and confusing. Victim Services Specialist can give you support, information and offer referrals. The goal is to help lessen the impact of being a victim of a crime or a witness to a crime. We are concerned with protecting your interest in regards to this matter and minimizing your inconvenience while prosecuting this case.

The Solicitor and assistants represent the State people in the prosecution of a criminal case. It is handled the same as a guilty plea. Evidence is presented to determine whether or not the defendant is guilty of committing a specific crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Fairfield Co.

Circuit Riders: About

Diversion PTI. Worthless Checks. Victims Victim Services. A message from Solicitor Randy E. Newman, JR. LYNN M.Each member serves a three-year term. Board of Trustees SC. David B. Miller, Chair 15th Judicial Circuit. Pamela A.

sc judicial circuits

Scott Beebe 14th Judicial Circuit. Montrio M. Belton 16th Judicial Circuit. Nina Fields Britt Member-at-large, in-state. John L. Bruce Jr. Sophie N. Kelly Lee Dorman Member-at-large, in-state.

Courts of South Carolina

Read Folline Presidential appointee. Brian C. Frerichs Presidential appointee. Blake Gibbons Presidential appointee. August "Augie" E.

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Grant, Ph. Faculty representative. Sylvia Taylor Hanna Presidential appointee. Todd Hardaway 13th Judicial Circuit.The purpose of the all-day workshops was to teach basic legal research skills to public and academic librarians who would then share their new expertise with their fellow librarians. The desired result would be librarians across South Carolina who are better equipped and more confident when assisting their patrons with legal research.

To reach the largest possible audience in the most economical way, we created this online guide that includes all of the Circuit Riders training materials and videos. With our new online presence, we hope to make it more convenient for busy librarians to access our materials and to encourage libraries to use these materials to conduct their own in-house workshops on legal research. The Circuit Riders program began as a series of all-day workshops designed to teach non-law librarians basic legal research skills to better help their patrons access legal information.

Injust when the future of the Circuit Riders program was in jeopardy from lack of funding, we received an anonymous grant that we used to provide additional workshops and to produce videos on the legal system and how to research South Carolina statutes, regulations, cases, and municipal ordinances.

Our reference librarians traveled to 23 libraries in 13 of South Carolina's 16 judicial circuits conducting all-day Legal Research for Non-Law Librarians workshops, and have promoted the Circuit Riders program through presentations and poster sessions at state, regional, and national conferences.

sc judicial circuits

For the convenience of librarians across South Carolina who are busy assisting their patrons, and to reach the largest audience possible in the most economical way, the Circuit Riders materials and videos are now available here online for librarians to use to as in-house training materials and for all South Carolinians to access at their convenience.

In recognition of the program's accomplishments, its founder, Terrye Conroy, received the Roy M. This program fills in a knowledge gap of specialized law information for librarians that ultimately benefits the everyday citizen. After learning of the Circuit Riders program at the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries in Denver, Florida law librarians utilized the Circuit Riders materials to establish their own outreach program. In the summer edition of the Southeastern Law Librarian newsletter, law librarians from the University of Florida and Florida Coastal School of Law reported that they used the resources from the Circuit Riders website extensively, " About Constitutions: U.

Circuit Riders Presentations. Report a problem.The Circuit Court is the state trial court of general jurisdiction in South Carolina. It is also a superior courthaving limited appellate jurisdiction over appeals from the lower Probate Court, Magistrate's Court, and Municipal Court, and appeals from the Administrative Law Judge Division, which hears matters relating to state administrative and regulatory agencies. South Carolina's 46 counties are divided into 16 judicial circuits:.


Each has at least one resident circuit judge who maintains an office in his or her home county within the circuit. There are currently 46 circuit judges who serve the 16 circuits on a rotating basis. Court terms and assignments determined by the Chief Justice based upon recommendations of Court Administration.

Circuit court judges are elected by the South Carolina General Assembly to staggered terms of six years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.In South Carolina, the Solicitor is the chief prosecuting attorney within a judicial circuit. South Carolina has sixteen judicial circuits which are comprised of two or more counties within the State.

Our office handles criminal matters in the Court of General Sessions Criminal CourtFamily Court juvenile prosecutionand Magistrate Court for certain criminal charges. Our mission is to protect the rights of the citizens of our counties by prosecuting those who violate the law. Please feel free to contact us directly with any comments or concerns.

All items that were up for vote will be rescheduled for Edgefield County is continuously monitoring the very fluid Covid situation. As we move through this unprecedented National emergency please keep in mind that the County will stay open to the public.

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We are however restricting access to county buildings and More information will be released on when that will be rescheduled in the future. Thank you for Edgefield County Council determined that there is a need to update the current ordinances of the County regarding development, to provide better management of the Edgefield County is in the process of our Countywide Reassessment Program which all counties are required under South Carolina law to implement every five years.

We expect to complete the current reassessment by December 31, An appraiser will come out to your Sincerely, Rick Hubbard 11th Circuit Solicitor. Edgefield County In The News.

Clerk of Court History

Connect With Us. Name First Last.Identifying the rules that apply to a particular legal issue in your jurisdiction requires legal research. The legal research process involves not only locating legal authorities, but also determining their importance.

Primary v. Secondary Legal researchers utilize two types of authority, referred to as primary and secondary authority. Primary authority is the lawwhich includes constitutions, statutes and ordinances, rules and regulations, and case law. These authorities form the rules that courts follow. Secondary authority is not the law. Secondary authorities, such as legal dictionaries and encyclopedias, books and treatises, and journal articles, explain and analyze the law and help researchers both understand and locate primary authorities.

Mandatory v. Persuasive Authorities that courts must follow are called mandatory or binding authority. Authorities that courts may follow if persuaded to do so are called persuasive or non-binding authority. Primary authority the law may be mandatory or persuasive depending upon:. State Law Issue State courts apply state statutes and regulations and follow precedent from that state. For example, South Carolina courts must apply South Carolina statutes, regulations, and case law.

If a South Carolina court has not ruled on a particular legal issue, it may be persuaded by a decision from a Georgia court. Federal Law Issue For issues of federal law, federal courts apply federal statutes and regulations and precedent from federal courts in their circuit. United States Supreme Court decisions are mandatory on issues of federal law for all state and federal courts.

Level of Court Whether or not a decision case is mandatory or persuasive within a particular jurisdiction state or federal depends upon the level of the court that decided it. State and federal courts typically follow the court structure depicted in the diagram below. Trial court decisions are not mandatory for any court.Then, they will hope they'll get something from a set piece.

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sc judicial circuits

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